Things About Food

  • Potato Takes England (2015) A glance into the history of the potato in England, concentrating on attempting to ask 3 questions about it’s use, what sort was consumed and how it was viewed in common culture.
  • The Curious Shaped Butter (revisited from 2007) A look at butter in Netherlandish paintings
  • The Historic Carrot (2007) A short look at carrots, and other roots of similarity
  • Dietary Chart for “Book of Cookery” by A.W. (external link to my old blog), one of three pages of charts to either compliment the cookbooks or simply to show that period foods can be prepared for people various dietary needs without changing the ingredients.
  • The Poultry Yard (unfinished but you are welcome to come look)


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Online Cookbook Sources

  • Early texts on coffee, tea and chocolate– Texts from the 16th century to 1744 in various languages including a good few in English. (off-site)
  • Feeding America– The Historic American Cookbook Project, this site offers cookbooks from 1798 to 1922 (off-site)
  • Henry Notaker, Old Cookbooks and Food History– Features books from 1300 to 1857 along with some links to other sources (off-site)
  • Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online– An ever growing list of online cookbooks from early history, strait into the early 20th century (off-site)
  • Kookhistorie– Dutch culinary texts from 1500 to 1800 (off-site)
  • Medieval and Renaissance Food– Links to online sources from the 14th century to the late 17th century along with other articles on early foodstuffs (off-site)
  • Medieval Cookery, Online Cookbooks– The Medieval Cookery site features links to online cookbooks starting from the year 400 all the way to the late 17th century (off-site)
  • Monumenta Culinaria et Diaetetica Historica– Thomas Gloning, Corpus of culinary & dietetic texts of Europe from the Middle Ages to 1800 (mostly transcriptions in various languages though many translations of these texts are available through other sources) (off-site)
  • Wellcome Library– You can search their digitized collections for receipt books from the 16th century through to the 19th century though not all listed may be available online (off-site)