SCA 50 Project

The purpose of an A&S 50 project is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SCA through completing 50 items. What I decided to do was to create 50 complete meals that range anywhere from very simple and small to overblown and extravagant and take pictures of them for show.

Over time, I should eventually also have recipes and notes added throughout this site as well.

The Meals

Meal #1

#1, Chicken in white broth with an open apple pie and a boiled sallet. This meal would be from a 16th century English Cook Book.




2#2, Meal taking place on a fast day in 1570, Italy (all recipes from “The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi”, book 3 “Lean Dishes”, as translated by Terence Scully. Recipes to follow, the dishes in the picture are Stuffed Eggplant (recipe # 232), Salt Cod, way to prepare (recipe #112), Gilded Sops (recipe #266) and Pears + sops (recipe # 259).



#3 Stewed Beef and Frumenty (15th century cook-books) and poached pears (Forme of Cury) , English






#4 Aloes of salmon (minus the sops), toasts of spinach and an orange pie (in place of citron)




5#5 A meat pie, based on various recipes from around the 16th century featuring meat, currants, spices and wine





6#6 Green Eggs and Ham… Frittata and Rashers, Martino, Italian, 15th century. (I likely made the frittata a bit too thin)






#7 Shrimp, Noodles (used recipe for Vermicelli) and Garlic Sauce. Recipes from Martino, 15th century, piled on a plate together because they really did work well together. 7a

with Apple Fritters (same source)




#8, (from Ruperto de Nola, 16th century Spain) Pastry of Roast Hen, Chopped Spinach, Oranges of xativa which are cheesecakes





#9, Cominee of hens (served with bread, cheese and a nice dark beer), recipes from “Enseignements”, French, 1300






#10, Meat Casserole and Fleshy Leaves of Cabbage (1529, Ruperto de Nola, Spain)






#11, from “A boke of Cookrye”, a 1591 English cookbook, Boiled Chicken with black sauce, Boiled Chicken with lemon sauce, Pudding in a Turnip Root and Young Peas





#12, Otemeale grotes (Cookrye, English, 1591)







#13, All from the 13th century Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook, trans. by Perry. The dishes being A dish with prunes garnished with meatballs (I skipped the eggyolks) and the meatballs being Ahrash, from same book and also Barmakiyya (lamb cooked in flatbread)


14#14 Mutton with Lemmons (I used “lamb”), tart of apples (option#2), puddings and a fine manchet (all can be found in the “good Huswifes Handmade for the kitchen, 1590’s… the lamb can be found elsewhere and I did refer to it in “A book of Cookrye”, 1591)




#15: Haddok in cevy (reference to “A Noble Boke off Cookry”, 1468 and “Laud MS 553” also 15th cent., both English), Funges (“Rylands MS 7”, 1390, English) and Barleeg (a collection of ordinances…, 1425, English) with slices of manchet





#16, all from 16th century Germany (S. Welserin)
Spinach and chicken ravioli, cheese and spinach ravioli, chicken buns and an Almond strudel (Spanish pastry)



#17, Mainly from Housewifes Jewell (but looked in other cookbooks for reference). Boiled Mutton, Sop of Onions, Spinach Fritters, Piggs Feet, a Sallet, Purses (however, done in the fashion of peascods), a white leach and… a strawberry tart (forgot to scrape over some sugar biscuit before the picture)




#18, All 16th (or slightly before) Nederlander foods, includes a stuffed-(boiled) Chicken (still need to find a way to make a capon work with this), Fried Flans (cheese), Boiled Greens, Pareye/Puree, Stuffed Eggs, Stuffed Apples and Apple Cake. (books: Gent ms, Kantl ms and the first printed Dutch cookbook)


19#19, 16th century English meal. Duck pie in a pot, a boiled sallet, a custard, lamb pie, strawberry pie, spinach fritters, peach confections/preserves, farts, Chicken with lemon… sugar plate (in the shape of plates) for show and marzipans on wafers to consume later. (gelatin not shown as it was forgotten at home)



#20, pie-stuff and millet plated, applesauce in bowl, Martino, 15th century






#21, from the Neapolitan Collection, Italy, 15th century
Florentine-Style meat in a baking dish with Parsnips






#22, Mortar Cakes, Kletzenmus and Red Sauce, from MI 128 (15th century Bavaria/Austria)





#23, 15th century recipes: Boiled Cream, Deer Ribs, cawelle Ferry, turnips and parsnips





#24, Roast Duck with sauce and parsnips, “forme of cury”, 1390, and Cyuele

15th century cookbook, LAUD MS. 553 (Bodleian library)
Ab. 1420 A.D. 24a





#25, Baked Mallard, 16th century (English?)





#26, (On loaner gear as I just moved), late 16th century dinner with medicinal drinks (caudle), turkey pie (the lid had been cut open at this time), barberry conserve, rose-hip tart, manchet and cracknels

vigil food#27, Vigil foods based on 16th century Italian foods (not all foods are in the picture, and ignore the little brown pies, they were not my addition *grin*) Included were walnut breads made in the shape of laurel leaves, royal white tarts, a mushroom and cheese pastry, Garlic tarts and preserved nuts (served with fruit, cheeses and cured meat… sadly not my own this time due to being recently moved and not having my stuff ready)


roman take away lunch#28, Roman take away… more vigil foods. This included bread, sausage (yes, home made, from Apicus this time), Snails, Lentils, smoked forcemeat rissoles (another sausage), Epitrium, Moretum and a sweet (simply described as a specially prepared dough fried and soaked with honey)


finchcocks court#29, Dinner at Finchcocks Court, this feast represented a dinner in Feb. meaning salted or otherwise preserved, or farmyard, winter crops or storage crops. The items were as mentioned as seasonal and/or healthful for this month as shown in contemporary writing. Carrot and Shrimp Sallet, “Finchcock” Sallet (no finches involved *grin*), Olives and Capers, Brawn and Mustard, Chicken in White Broth, Longworts, Balls of Italie, Pudding in Roots, Sausages and custards. A second course entailed: White peas pottage, Sops of Onions, Farsed Eggs, Stewed Oysters, Petitoes, Turkey Pie, Baked Venison, Chuets, Florentine, Marie Pies, Small meats, Prune Tarts, Smelts in butter with Orange Sauce, A fried meat of Turnips, and Alloes of fresh Salmon.


Mad Hatters Tudor Dinner#30, Dinner (about late 15th/1500), Compost, Pome Dorrys with Aquapatys, Long Fritters, Two Capons from one with a Pickle and Black Sauce, Frytour of Pasternakes and Apples, Risshews de Mary (an optional turnip pie was also offered).



Tir Mara A&S and Rattan Championship-254

#31, Dayboard for Ruantallan Investiture and Tir Mara A&S… 15th century… Hicherones (Hedgehog styled pork sausage), lightly Smoked Sausage (A French recipe snuck in here from “Le Menagier”), Gouda Biscuits (self explanatory, much like cheese crackers), Stuffed Apples (deep fried apples stuffed with pork), Wafers served with Quynade (Quinade is a combination of quince paste and almond butter/cream/cheese), Venison in broth (Venison stew/soup), Beef Pies (beefy pies with raisins cooked up as chewits), Fried Flans (fried cheese pies), Pears in Confit (pears cooked with mulberries in a spiced wine syrup), Fennel Tarts (apple pies with fennel seed), Sawge Yfarcet (stuffed sage), Rice Pottage (sweetened rice cooked in milk with saffron), Gingerbread (breadcrumbs boiled in honey and then spiced and set in the shape of acorns and flowers), Roffioelen (herb and cheese dumplings), Roots in Pottage (garden roots being carrots and parsnips boiled and served with sweet spices), Bread, Butter, Cheese (Brie, Fresh Goat and fresh soft cheese from yoghurt I made that week), Hard Boiled Eggs (some I fashioned in the shape of acorns), Grapes, Oranges (sliced), Pomegranate Seeds (to eat and as a garnish), Damson paste (damsons cooked to a paste that can be boxed up and sliced, I did mine up in bottles ahead of time)