Spain/Portugal Theme Dayboard

In the East Kingdom of the SCA, the dayboard has some popularity and I’m quite fond of them myself as it affords another layer of period food to be offered at events be it something included in the site fee, paid for on site or part of an “on-board” fee.

This one is simply designed with a Spain/Portugal 15th/16th century theme with the idea of having easy finger foods not requiring one to need a plate or bowl on hand but can rather grab and go or munch while the dayboard is open. It is also designed with the idea of it being managed and re-filled over time so that the food is always fresh.

All the recipes for the dishes can be easily found online. The ones marked with an “S” are from Ruperto de Nola’s “Libre del Coch” which can be found in Stefan’s Florilegium Archive  in either part one or part two of the document. The others marked with a “P” can be found in “A Treatise of Portuguese Cuisine from the 15th Century” This would also make a decent first course to a large meal, though it was not designed for that. The choices for the dishes themselves came from opening/early meal dishes from medical texts and a wee cross reference with other cultures.

Offerings from the Day-board:

  • Fresh Cheese
  • Bread
  • Olives
  • Pork Sausage (P) (note: do check for saltiness well ahead of time so that sufficient time is given to remove any excess salt: boiling… this is a lesson in time I had misjudged on making sausage)
  • Pickled Eggplant (S)
  • Sliced Peaches
  • Fresh Figs (or “Basin of Figs”, dried figs with rose petals (S))
  • Salmon Empanada (S)
  • Grapes