Fifteenth Century Italian Dinner

tentfeastThis is a 15th century Italian dinner menu for the month of July on a meat day
-adapted for use at an SCA campsite

All of the recipes (apart from the obvious preparations) can be found in “The Art of Cooking” with options being those either available or said to be in season for July but also fairly easily obtained by most today.
As with any meal served for a crowd, it is not designed for one person to eat all but rather several people to eat some.

First Service (starters served “cold” from the sideboard)
-Fresh Cheese (this can actually be made on site)
-Sliced Melons

Second Service (rather than splitting up a course into two rather small courses, this is a larger mixed course)
-Roast Pullet (with a sauce of crushed almonds, honey and lemon juice
-Roasted Veal Roulades (a mixture of spices, fennel, parsley, marjoram and lard is rolled up and spread on slices of meat before roasting)
-Millet cooked in meat broth
-Pottage of Greens
-Ravioli with cheese
-Meat with Aspic
-Fried Peas with Prosciutto
-Fennel Flower Fritters
-Elderflower Cheese Fritters

Last service (served cold from the sideboard)
-Fresh Hazelnuts