15th Century English Dinner(special)

This meal was created as a sort of interesting challenge for myself where I have tried to keep with the traditional menu layout while creating the meal for someone who can not have wheat, dairy, nuts or fish of any sort and using no substitutes in order to achieve this.

First Course
-Salt Meat with Oatmeal Pudding (Laud MS.553)
(salt meat, oats)
-Froyse (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(egg, beef, grease, pepper, saffron, salt)
-Stuffed and Roasted Capon with Sauce (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books” and Douce MS.55)
capon-(capon, yolks, lard, grapes, parsley + herbs, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, salt)
sauce-(chicken broth, wine, verjuice, yolk, parsley, savoury, sage, ginger, saffron, salt)

Second Course
-Long Worts de Peson (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(collard greens, green peas, onions, oil, saffron, salt)
-Allows de Mutton (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(mutton, onions, yolks, marrow, parsley, ginger, saffron, salt)
-Roast Mallard with Pickle (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(duck, beef broth, wine, pepper, mustard, cinnamon, ginger, salt)

Third Course
-Stewed Rabbit (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(rabbit “or other such flesh”, onion, wine, verjuice, parsley, pepper, cinnamon, saffron, salt)
-Apple Moys (Laud MS.553)
(apple, beef broth, grease, sugar, saffron)
-Pears in Compost (“Two Fifteenth Century Cook Books”)
(pears, wine, dates, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, sanders, honey-steeped fresh ginger, salt)