Fictional Feasts

Just like some people like to make up D&D characters for fun, I like to create feasts that may or may not ever get used. They may be exercises in attempts at authenticity in meal planning or something designed for a simple SCA-style dayboard. More often, I prefer a good challenge for whatever reason, but it’s just something I’m doing for fun and sharing for those who might be curious about such things. (This also gives me a fun opportunity to stray from English food and dining where I tend to concentrate much of my personal study)

Italian Dinner for the Month of August
This menu was created in attempt to mimic a plausible, mid-late 16th century, Italian dinner set for the month of August. While it wasn’t designed particularly for SCA use, that possibility was kept in mind as I limited the dishes somewhat and worked out table placement in accordance to modern banquet table sizes.

Simple SCA Dayboard (Spain/Portugal theme)
This menu was created for ease of consumption though with some work on part of the cook to keep a small but continually fresh board set up for people to pick from.

15th Century Italian Dinner for the Month of July 
This menu was adapted for use at an SCA campsite without too much specialized equipment.

15th century English Dinner (special)
This dinner posed a rather different challenge where the meal was designed for a person who can not have wheat, nuts, dairy or fish. This was done without altering the recipes available and with an effort to maintain the traditional feast layout.