SCA related articles

A nice, somewhat random, selection of things I’ve put together for the SCA. If I find older documents, I may include them as well (if they are interesting enough)


Dinner at the Eik en Zwijn, (external link) a peculiar, though not entirely implausible, premise with a business dinner at an establishment in Antwerp prepared for an English guest. (I do imagine that the food would have had more of a Netherlandish slant than this one) Done for 2011 shire A&S Championships, Bordergate, An Tir

Photo by Sarah Paterson

A Wee Board for a Vigil, (external link to my old blog) Did up a vigil board and plated it up with all that was available at the site or what I could borrow as much of my stuff was still in storage, but it’s all about the food isn’t it? Fall of 2013, Barony of Endewearde

A Small Dinner for a Gentleman and Gentlewoman (external document link), Note that this documentation was created when the majority of my books were in storage so I had to get a bit creative, done for Tir Mara A&S, 2013, Shire of Lyndhaven

Almond Butter (external pdf link), This looks more like the rough draft of my documentation which was done around 2007 for Northern Lights, Barony of Stonemarche

SCA, A&S 50 Project, 50 Meals to celebrate the SCA’s 50th Anniversary


A Small Roman Take-Away, (external document link) another offering of vigil food, Birka 2014, Barony of Stonemarche

photo by Cindi Hachey

Reflections of A Dinner at Finchcock Hall (external document link), Dinner at a high persona event, February 8th, 2014. Barony of Ruantallan. (picture above, all edible except platter, gelatin milk and rosewater, candied lettuce stalk nest, marzipan birds and eggs…, sugarplate bowl, leaves, dragonflies… and with this came gingerbreads, gold and silver marzipan shields and other sweets)

Setting up an Elizabethan Feast (work in progress)

Mad Hatters Tudor Dinner

Early Tudor Dinner for the Mad Hatters event, Incipient shire of Avonmore, March, 2014

monkeycook Fictional Feasts (not fake feasts with monkeys run amok, but feast that haven’t happened, yet)